How Big Brands Can Use Discord for Business Growth


In the fast changing landscape of digital marketing, big brands are continually looking for new ways to better engage with their consumers. The latest trend? Establishing communities on Discord, a platform typically associated with gamers but now emerging as a marketing powerhouse.

Here’s why this is happening and why your brand should consider it, too.

Direct Fan Engagement: The Heart of Discord’s Appeal

Discord is revolutionizing fan engagement by offering brands a direct line to their audience. With no algorithmic barriers, every interaction in Discord is intentional and impactful. For example, fans can chat, provide feedback, and connect with the brand in a meaningful and instant way. This raw access strengthens loyalty and gives brands invaluable insights into consumer preferences.

This potent blend of interaction and insight makes Discord an incredibly useful tool in modern brand strategy. By using Discord, brands can create a strong community where fans actually feel heard and valued.

Tailored Experiences: Crafting the Discord Difference

Discord’s platform allows brands to create tailored experiences that connect deeply with fans. Brands can offer a custom journey unique to Discord by creating dedicated channels for focused interests, hosting interactive events, and sharing exclusive content. This customization strengthens the bond between the brand and community, as fans feel their interests and preferences are recognized and catered to. This personalized engagement not only improves the user experience but also sets the brand apart in a crowded digital ecosystem.

Here are a Few Examples of Authentic Brand Interactions on Discord:


Skittles’ Discord server engages fans with playful and colorful interactions that mirror their brand identity, including exclusive flavor announcements and community events.


Chipotle uses Discord to host real-time conversations about food, sustainability, and culture, aligning with its commitment to fresh, quality ingredients and social responsibility.

Sneaker Brands: 

Sneaker brands like StockX create hype by offering early access to releases and exclusive drops, creating a community of sneaker enthusiasts.

These examples show that authenticity comes from consistent brand voice and real interactions. They prove that when brands utilize Discord’s capabilities while staying true to their identity, they create not just a community but a true loyal following.

Safe and Controlled Environment: Discord’s Community Haven

Discord’s invite-only servers offer brands a safe space in which to build their communities. It’s a sanctuary where fans can freely express their enthusiasm without the noise and social pressures of a larger social media network.

This controlled environment allows for moderated discussions, allowing for a respectful and brand-aligned space. Brands can safeguard their image, prevent spam, and foster a positive community culture.

This exclusivity not only builds a sense of security and trust but also enhances the user experience, making Discord an ideal platform for brands to cultivate a dedicated and harmonious fanbase.

Cultural Relevance: Discord’s Real-Time Pulse

Discord offers brands a real-time pulse on trends and movements from its most loyal followers. It’s a place where live conversations reflect the current trends, allowing brands to engage with topics that resonate with their audience and consumers alike.

This allows brands to adapt and respond to cultural shifts, keeping their community interactions and brand image fresh and relevant. By using Discord, brands can become cultural participants rather than observers by embedding themselves into the fabric of their community’s interests and values.

Exclusivity and Community: The Discord Advantage

Discord’s structure promotes a tight-knit community atmosphere where exclusivity and engagement go hand-in-hand, driving brand loyalty to new heights. Brands can create private servers where fans access content that feels personal and exclusive, creating a VIP experience.

This exclusivity strengthens community bonds, as members share a common space that feels uniquely theirs. Brands can amplify this while enhancing the sense of belonging by recognizing and rewarding active community members.

Integrating Ternary Into Discord’s Brand Communities

Incorporating a tool like Ternary into your brand’s Discord community can enhance the user experience by providing seamless integration with payment processing solutions. This also allows brands to offer exclusive memberships or premium content within their Discord servers, adding a layer of monetization to the community experience.

Ternary’s reliable and efficient payment system ensures smooth, secure, and user-friendly transactions, aligning with Discord’s philosophy of creating a safe and controlled environment for its users.

The Future of Brand Engagement

As digital spaces become more crowded, Discord stands out as a platform where brands can genuinely connect with their core audience. Discord is the place to be if you’re looking to build a dedicated community around your brand.