How to Make a Good Discord Server


There are plenty of platforms available for online community building. However, Discord is the most versatile and popular tool for creating great communities. Whether you're a gamer, artist, musician, stock trader, or enthusiast, benefitting from Discord can elevate your community-building efforts.

The difference between a successful Discord server and one that falls flat depends on how the creator manages certain aspects. Here are the common similarities that the best Discord servers have.

Define Your Purpose

The basis of any successful Discord server lies in a clear sense of purpose. Before diving into creating a Discord server, take the time to define your server's overarching theme or focus. Are you aiming to create a gaming hub, an art showcase, or a discussion forum for a specific topic? Defining your purpose at the start will guide all subsequent decisions and ensure unity within your community.

Structure Your Server

A well-structured server makes it easier for members to find the content of their interest and encourages greater participation. Create channels that align with your server's theme, covering topics and activities relevant to your members. Consider categorizing channels to streamline communication further and facilitate engagement.

Establish Clear Rules

Prioritize inclusivity and create a safe space where members feel comfortable expressing themselves without fear of harassment or discrimination. Set clear and enforceable rules that outline expected behavior, community guidelines, and consequences for violations. This action will help by improving the overall quality of the members.

Cultivate Engagement

Building a sense of community requires active engagement from both administrators and members. Initiate discussion, host events, and encourage collaboration to keep members invested and connected. Consider implementing interactive elements like polls, challenges, or giveaways to spark participation and drive excitement. Encourage the members to bring new ideas for engagement, too.

Empower Your Moderators

Strong moderation is essential for maintaining your Discord server's healthy and welcoming environment. Provide your moderators with the tools and authorizations to enforce the rules consistently and address any issues that may arise. Be careful to not police content or censor thoughts. Instead, create open communication channels between moderators and members to facilitate transparency and accountability.

Promote Your Server

Once your Discord server is running, it's time to promote it in order to attract new members. Engage with communities related to your server's theme and participate in discussions to raise awareness and attract like-minded individuals. Leverage social media, forums, and other relevant platforms to promote your server to your target audience. Unless people know about your server, they can't participate in it. Join a community like the Discord Mastery to learn the strategies that the biggest and most successful Discord communities are using.

Consider Monetization Using Ternary

If you're looking to monetize your Discord server, consider implementing a paywall strategy that offers three tiers of membership:

  •  a free tier with primary access,
  • a mid-tier with additional perks, and
  • a premium tier with exclusive benefits.

Carefully balance the value proposition for each tier to incentivize upgrades without alienating free members. Using a tool like Ternary simplifies the process of member management and subscription creation. 

Establish Communication Channels

In addition to text channels, consider adding voice channels to your Discord server to facilitate real-time communication and collaboration. Voice channels are ideal for casual chats, gaming sessions, group discussions, or live events like podcasts or Q&A sessions.

Offer Value-Added Content

Consider creating dedicated channels or roles for premium members. Offering value-added content such as exclusive tutorials, behind-the-scenes insights, or member-only resources will enhance the member experience and encourage others to upgrade their membership for this exclusive content. Once again, you can seek the community for ideas on the matter.

Encourage Community Collaboration

Create dedicated collaboration, networking, or skill-sharing channels where members can connect, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate on shared interests or goals. Encouraging collaboration and cooperation among members by facilitating opportunities for them to work together grows your server traffic organically.

Host Regular Events

Whether it's a game night, movie marathon, art showcase, or AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with special guests, events provide opportunities for members to connect, interact, and bond over shared experiences. Host regular events, activities, or meetups to keep your community active and engaged.

Encourage User-generated Content

The most organic way to make your server the best is by empowering your members to contribute their own content, creations, or contributions to the community. Create channels or threads where members can share their artwork, music, writing, or other creative endeavors and celebrate and showcase their talents and achievements. It also lessens the burden on you to get new and engaging content all the time. 

Leverage Integrations and Bots

Discord has many integrations and bots for server owners to enhance functionality, streamline processes, create customization and add new server features. From moderation bots and music bots to productivity tools and gaming integrations, a wealth of resources is available to customize and optimize your Discord experience.

Implement Feedback Mechanisms

Actively seek feedback from your members to gauge their satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and gather suggestions for future enhancements. Use surveys, polls, or suggestion channels to get input from members and demonstrate that their opinions are valued and considered.

Stay Updated and Evolve

Finally, stay informed about the latest trends, updates, and best practices in community management and Discord usage. Keep an eye on new features and developments introduced by Discord, and be proactive about adapting and evolving your community to meet your members' or community's changing needs and preferences.


Building a good Discord server requires careful planning, active engagement, and a commitment to cultivating a welcoming community. Following the steps outlined above and continuously moderating based on feedback, you can create a distinct and engaging online hub that brings people together, sparks meaningful connections, and cultivates a sense of belonging.