8 Most Popular Discord Servers: Top Communities You Should Join


In the bustling landscape of online communities, Discord has emerged as a central hub for like-minded individuals to gather, converse, and collaborate. With its natural interface and versatile features, Discord hosts various servers catering to diverse interests.

Discover the vibrant world of Discord servers, where communities thrive and passions ignite. From gaming galore to creative corners, tech talk to stock trading ideas, and beyond, there's a Discord server for everyone. Whether you're a music enthusiast, fitness fanatic, bookworm, or travel buff, you'll find a welcoming community eager to connect and share experiences.


OptionsSwing is a member-only Discord server that goes beyond typical alert services. OptionsSwing focuses on education instead of giving you stock tips. They focus more on skill building instead of just providing stock picks. 

They are different from the other players in this sector due to their emphasis on learning. Private Discord community with 2,400+ members. You can get daily stock watchlist levels, pre-market updates newsletter, and request on-demand technical analysis. Also, you can join live trading sessions with 5 different mentors to learn from each day. Join here.

Rippy Club

Rippy Club stands out as the world's #1 most active e-commerce discord server. It’s a powerhouse of knowledge, with experienced leaders like Fritz (with over a decade of e-commerce experience) and Ant (who has rapidly risen in e-commerce and invested over $500k in TikTok ads) at the helm.

Members can expect many resources, including ad creatives, email and SMS strategies, and connections to suppliers and factories. Weekly calls and guest speakers add to the value, making it a top pick for traders and e-commerce enthusiasts alike. Join here.

Wealth Empire

Wealth Empire Discord server provides education-based live trading to give new and experienced traders an edge in the markets. With over 2,200 members, it’s a thriving community where traders come together to learn, share insights, and grow in their trading journey.

You will find a wealth of educational resources, live streams, and opportunities to improve your trading skills on this server. Join here.

Dropship Agent

E-commerce store owners will find a haven in Dropship Agent. This all-in-one service takes the hassle out of fulfillment, offering seamless integration with various platforms, direct negotiations with manufacturers for better prices, and faster shipping options.

Custom packaging and direct support ensure a streamlined process for store owners. Join a Discord community of over 2000+ members actively running stores and learn how to launch your first store and so much more. Join here.

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Waters & Acland Fine Furniture Workshop

Based in the English Lake District National Park, Waters & Acland specializes in bespoke commissions. Their guiding principle is “perfection in the making,” which applies to both the commercial cabinet-making workshop and the Waters & Acland Furniture School.

Waters & Acland offers furniture courses within their award-winning Fine Furniture Workshop. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced woodworker, these courses provide valuable insights and hands-on learning opportunities

Visit the Waters & Acland website to explore their portfolio, learn about their craftsmanship, and discover more about the world of fine furniture. If you’re interested in exploring Waters & Acland’s work and social media presence, you can visit their portfolio page here, where you’ll find more information about their projects and workshops.

Impact Bulgaria

Impact Bulgaria is a dynamic community initiative that brings together like-minded individuals passionate about creating positive change. Through education, connection, and innovation, IMPACT empowers its members to explore new horizons, learn essential skills, and engage with a global network.

Whether finding your voice, pursuing unconventional paths, or seeking meaningful connections, IMPACT provides a space for growth and collective impact. Join the movement and be part of shaping a brighter future!

MMM Investment Group

Fareed Abedini is a multifaceted individual who wears several hats. As a six-figure Airbnb Superhost, he excels at managing properties, optimizing listings, and creating exceptional guest experiences.

Beyond hosting, Fareed is a part-time real estate investor, leveraging debt strategically to build wealth. His TikTok content reflects his enthusiasm for financial growth and calculated risk-taking.

Despite being a full-time student at the University of Maryland, Fareed actively pursues entrepreneurial ventures, demonstrating determination and ambition. You can join his 7-Phase Mentorship Program here.

Stealth Wealth Investing

Stealth Wealth Investing is a platform that empowers investors with valuable tools and resources. Their Market Insiders Private Group offers courses, live Q&As, and exclusive content for those interested in stocks, real estate, and financial mastery.

Additionally, they provide watchlists and trade alerts, keeping members informed about potential investment opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, Stealth Wealth Investing offers practical insights to enhance your financial journey. Visit Stealth Wealth Investing.