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Frequently Asked Question

The FAQ is a list of common questions and answers for quick customer information.

I’m interested in joining! How do I sign up?

Book a demo with us to speak with our sales team. (hyperlink)

Does Ternary accept PayPal?

Unfortunately, no.  We accept all major credit cards or ACH bank transfers. If you have paying members in your group that pay via PayPal, we can still migrate them over to our platform!  After migrating, they will be asked to update their payment method.

How do I manage my account?

Go back to the homepage and click Login .  From the admin dashboard you can manage all the details of your Ternary account including your products and member’s subscriptions.

I’m having trouble logging in.

If you have tried resetting your password and need further assistance, reach out to your Premier Customer Support Agent via DM in Discord or email.

Why am I receiving an email that my subscription will renew each month?

The Platform-Management Fees are monthly recurring.  You will receive a notice each month even if the fees are $0.

I have other billing related issues.

Please reach out to your Premier Customer Support Agent via DM in Discord or email and provide as much detail as you can regarding the issue.

How can I cancel?

When your contract expires and you no longer wish to renew, your account will be closed.

Where can I find guides on how to navigate the admin dashboard?

Log into your account and on the top right click the “?” and go to “Helpful Articles”.