Discord Subscription Management: A Comprehensive Guide


Here is a breakdown of Discord Subscription Management with a step-by-step guide to help you navigate this feature easily. 

Understanding Discord Subscriptions

Discord subscriptions are not just about recurring monthly payments. They are your gateway to exclusive benefits on your favorite servers. These subscriptions offer plenty, from access to special channels and custom emojis to other exciting perks. However, managing the subscription can be difficult, especially for new users. That's where our guide steps in to simplify things for you.

How to Manage Your Discord Subscriptions

Managing your Discord subscriptions is a pretty simple process, which can be easily broken down into a few simple steps. Here’s a brief overview of how you can do it:

Log Into Your Discord Account:

First, log into your Discord account through either the desktop or browser version of the app and enter your credentials. You'll then enter your personal Discord environment, a secure and user-friendly space where you can interact with your favorite servers and manage your subscriptions easily.

Access User Settings:

Accessing user settings is the gateway to managing your Discord subscription. Clicking on the cog wheel icon opens options below the client's right side beside your username. This is where you can customize your Discord experience, adjust your preferences, and, most importantly, manage your subscriptions. It is your control center for all matters related to Discord.

Navigate to the Subscriptions Tab:

This is your one-stop destination for managing your Discord subscriptions. It is located on the panel on the left and is the hub for all your subscription-related information. It provides a comprehensive view of your current subscriptions, including memberships, their costs, and renewal dates.

View Your Subscriptions:

Viewing your subscriptions on Discord provides a clear snapshot of your current standing. This feature displays all active subscriptions, including the servers that you support. This allows you to monitor your monthly commitments easily.

Manage Your Membership

Managing your membership on Discord is an empowering feature. You can control your subscriptions by clicking the ‘Manage Membership’ button. This includes functions like revoking a subscription at any time. The ‘Manage Membership’ feature shows Discord’s commitment to user autonomy, helping them support their preferred communities without forcing them to pay through manipulation.

This process will show you your memberships across all servers, each membership’s costs, and their billing/renewal dates. If you wish to cancel a subscription, click ‘Cancel Subscription’ next to the membership you want to cancel and confirm your decision.

Creating a Discord Subscription for Server Owners

If you’re looking to monetize your Discord server, Ternary is a valuable tool and the easiest method in order to create subscriptions and gated access to your community. It empowers server owners to create sustainable revenue streams while providing a seamless experience for subscribers.

What is Ternary?

Ternary offers a comprehensive platform that combines CRM software and e-commerce tools to integrate your systems with your Discord server. It’s designed to simplify subscription management, enhance user experience, and streamline payments. Many of the most popular and most successful paid Discord communities operate using Ternary as their backend subscription  and member management infrastructure. Here are some of the features that Ternary provides.

Subscription Management

Ternary allows you to manage subscriptions efficiently. Whether you’re running a gaming community, content server, or any other type of Discord community, Ternary helps you handle recurring payments and member access.

Seamless Integration

Ternary seamlessly integrates with your website, Stripe (a popular payment processor), and Discord. This integration ensures a smooth experience for both server owners and subscribers.


Customize your subscription tiers, perks, and pricing to cater to your community’s unique needs.

Automated Billing

Ternary automates billing cycles, ensuring timely payments and hassle-free renewals.

User-Friendly Admin Panel

The admin panel is easy to use and navigate, making it accessible even for those new to subscription management.

Subscriber Insights

Another benefit for using a tool like Ternary is that it allows server owners to fully understand who their users are. This allows server owners to better protect their communities while also being able to serve them better.

If you are ready to monetize your Discord, click here to get started with Ternary.

Final Thoughts

Remember, these are recurring subscriptions, so you’ll be charged monthly until you cancel. If you are unhappy with your Server Subscription, contact the creator/server admin directly. If that doesn’t resolve your issue, you can request a refund.

If technical issues prevent you from accessing your server subscription, contact Discord and choose Server Subscription under Type of billing issue. Managing your Discord subscription is essential to getting the most out of your experience. This guide should now equip you to manage your subscriptions effectively.