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April 26, 2024
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How to Set Up Discord Memberships and Subscriptions


How to Set Up Discord Memberships and Subscriptions

Discord, the popular communication platform, has evolved beyond just chatting with friends and gaming communities. Creators, influencers, and community leaders now use Discord to engage with their audiences, share exclusive content, and monetize their servers.

One effective way to achieve this is by setting up Discord Memberships and Subscriptions. Let’s walk you through creating and managing these features.

What Are Discord Memberships and Subscriptions?

Before diving into the setup process, let’s understand what these terms mean:

Server Subscriptions for Members (Discord Feature)

What Is It? A Server Subscription is a monthly subscription to a server that helps support the communities and creators that run them through. Creators can divide membership into tiers, each with unique pricing and perks.

How to Subscribe

  1. In the server where you want a Server Subscription, click “Server Subscription” at the top of the channel list.
  2.  An in-app landing page will appear, showing different subscription tiers, their prices, and perks.
  3. Choose a tier, select a payment method, and complete the purchase.
  4. A welcome message will show the perks of the purchased tier.

Managing or Canceling Subscriptions

  1. Open User Settings (click the cog wheel next to your username).
  2.  Select “Subscriptions” on the left side panel.
  3. View your subscriptions and press “Manage Membership” to cancel if needed.


You can set up memberships and subscriptions for your discord server using third-party platforms like Ternary. Here’s how you can easily set up memberships and subscriptions with this method.

Ternary Method

Using a tool like Ternary streamlines the entire membership management process and allows for customization in terms of permissions, coupons, discounts, upgrading and more. Here is how simple it is to use Ternary to create Discord memberships and subscriptions. 

Create a Paid Discord Server

  1. Sign-up for a Ternary account
  2. Once your account is approved and set up, ensure your Discord roles are matching the access you want to provide.
  3. Within the Ternary dashboard, create a new product. 
  4. Select product name, set price, frequency, free trial period, and select the roles the subscriber will get linked to.

  1. Preview and publish your sign-up page, then share the link with potential subscribers. 

Tips for Successful Discord Memberships and Subscriptions

Here are some valuable tips that can come in handy for the discord server owners who are looking to build a successful paid community.

Know Your Community

Understanding your community is crucial when setting up Discord Memberships and Subscriptions. Understand your audience’s preferences and needs and tailor your subscription tiers accordingly. Offer unique perks such as exclusive channels, custom emojis, or early access to content.

Promote Consistently

Consistent promotion is essential for the success of your Discord Memberships and Subscriptions. Consistently remind your community about the benefits of subscribing. Use server announcements, social media, newsletters, and direct messages to keep subscribers informed.

Leverage your existing audience to drive traffic to your Discord community by cross-promoting on other platforms where you have a presence (e.g., YouTube, Twitter, Instagram). Create anticipation and curiosity to encourage sign-ups and tease upcoming content or perks exclusively available to subscribers.

Guest appearances or joint events can attract new subscribers, so collaborate or partner with other creators or servers for mutual promotion. Listen to your community, ask for feedback, and adjust your approach accordingly.

Adapt your promotional strategies based on what resonates with your audience. Remember, consistency builds trust and keeps your community engaged.

Engage with Subscribers

Engaging with subscribers is vital for maintaining a thriving Discord community. Host regular question-and-answer sessions, address queries, share insights, and build rapport.

Go live on Discord to discuss topics, showcase content, and interact with subscribers in real time. Organize exclusive events for subscribers, such as game nights, AMAs, or virtual hangouts.

Remember names and show genuine interest by responding to messages and comments personally. Seek feedback on your content and community to improve and tailor your offerings.

Deliver Quality Content

Align your exclusive content with your community’s interests to ensure your subscribers receive exceptional value. Go beyond what’s publicly available. Offer insights, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or in-depth tutorials, and occasionally surprise subscribers with bonus content.

Monitor Analytics

Use Discord’s built-in analytics or third-party tools to track subscription trends and validate or refine your decisions. Regularly analyze the number of subscribers, churn rate, and growth patterns, identify which subscription tiers are most popular, and adjust your offerings accordingly.

Observe and learn how subscribers engage with your content and which perks resonate most, then adapt your strategy. Based on conversion data, monitor and optimize your sign-up process.

Learn from Successful Discord Owners

Leveraging the knowledge of owners who run successful Discord Servers is also a great way to get new ideas on how to better grow your membership base. Communities like the Discord Mastery community can be a great place to learn from large brands who already are leveraging Discord subscriptions as a full-time business.


The success of your Discord memberships and subscriptions depends on building a strong community and providing value to your subscribers. So, go ahead and set up your memberships – your community awaits!

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