Why is Stripe the Superior Payment Gateway for your Discord Community?

You’ve established an account on Discord and integrated your website using a cloud-based membership management platform like Ternary Development, but what next? Are you confused about how to manage payments online? Looking for a payment gateway that securely manages your customer’s payment? Stripe is the answer you have been looking for.

Stripe is the ultimate payment infrastructure for the internet.  From start-ups to global businesses, firms of all sizes use Stripe’s software and APIs to accept payments, send payouts and manage online business communities.

Stripe: Modern Billing and Payment for the Discord Community

Becoming a Discord member is not enough; you need a suite of products to monetize the Discord server. Businesses need the latest tools to make the most of the professional communication platform, from subscription management to the payment gateway.

When choosing the payment method, Discord admins have to ensure the platform keeps customers’ data safe. High security and privacy is the main reason why businesses prefer Stripe over other payment platforms.

With stripe, you can collect recurring payments from global users and support any Discord member’s pricing model. Stripe offers pre-built interfaces and billing components to create a seamless, fully optimized billing experience for Discord admins. Features that make Stripe a preferred platform for businesses include:

  • Automate with web hooks.
  • Schedule subscriptions.
  • Automatic reminders.
  • Billing pro-ratio.

Five Reasons Why Discord Admins Choose Stripe for Managing Payments

In a technologically advanced era, businesses can no longer rely on obsolete payment methods. With its user-friendly API, high security and superior customer service, Stripe has changed the course of technology. Currently, there are 3.1 million active websites that use Stripe (BuiltWith data). Also, Stripe checkout solutions are used by 784,256 live websites and the gateway supports 32 payment methods.

Still not convinced whether to use Stripe for managing payments? Read these points to clear your doubts.

Simple Fee Structure is a Blessing

The best thing about Stripe is that it comes with no monthly fees or service charges.  You pay a fixed cost of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. You don’t have to pay anything extra for a failed transaction or currency conversions, refunds and recurring payments. PayPal charges the same but has a more complex fee structure. Stripe is better compared to other platforms in terms of sales revenue and processing fees.

A Unique Dashboard

Through the advanced, easy to manage interface, businesses can view bank transfers and HTTP request logs. The platform makes it easy to search all the data at a single glance. Unlike PayPal users, they don’t face any issues concerning account management; the dashboard is clean and easy to use. Admins don’t need any financial knowledge to use Stripe’s dashboard to scale the Discord server and manage payments.

Keep Customers Data Safe

Stripe comes with .js. This is an added secure socket layer, giving Stripe a competitive advantage. Stripe.js is the foundational library responsible for transferring customers’ sensitive information to Stripe, bypassing the user’s server. This way, if any security breach occurs, there will be a loss of customer data, like credit card data. Security protocols followed by Stripe are far better than other payment gateways.

Customer-Centric Platform

The best feature of Stripe is its credit card data portability. If a customer leaves Stripe, the platform will help migrate their credit card data securely and with PIC compliance. This way, customers have the freedom to sign up again and again, whilst businesses don’t lose customers. Stripe also provides open channels for email support and has an IRC channel for developers for chat and live help from engineers. This way, the platform supports developers and customers.

An Advanced, User-Friendly API

A clean, user-friendly and well-documented API is the reason for the app’s popularity. The payment gateway’s API can be easily integrated with a website, saving users engineering time. It offers state-of-the-art user experiences with their Stripe Checkout feature.  Admins can customize the checkout form and build credit card forms from scratch.

How Does Ternary Development Help with Discord and Stripe Integration?

Ternary Development offers SaaS-based subscription management tools for managing Discord membership. The platform integrates your website with Discord and Stripe to create a seamless Discord connection. The cloud-based platform manages the entire membership lifecycle for private Discord servers, from the start until the end. We provide users a secure checkout process, authenticate new users into the private server and remove users as their membership expires.