Managing Online Communities a Challenge? Use Subscription Management Platform like Ternary

Strong customer relationships, high customer retention and emotional connection with your audience – a dream for many businesses. But how can you transform this dream into a reality? Your answers lie with an online community. Online communities, like Discord, act as a bridge between businesses and customers. However, as the community grows, managing it becomes a tough nut to crack. This is where Ternary development, cloud-based membership management software, will help your business.

How and why to use membership management software for your online community?  Are you a Discord user and find it a challenge to manage payments and new users? We have all been there. Although online communities provide bots to handle the administrative work, they are not as effective as they claim to be. The best way to monetize the Discord community is through cloud-based membership management platforms.

Why Your Business Needs a Subscription Management Platform?

Trust us; it’s not only the product and pricing that will share your purchase decisions.  It’s the community that grows around your brand that solidifies your position in the competitive market. However, when using online communities, brands have to understand they are not the only ones calling the shots.

Your customers are talking about your business online; engage in a conversation with them to influence their purchase decisions. With online community management platforms, you get the foundational infrastructure for building a brand community that you have full control of. Here are the reasons why a subscription membership management platform is a must for businesses.

Increase your efficiency and productivity

With membership management software, you get to enjoy the power of automation. Speed up your administrative process to increase the efficiency and productivity of your daily operations. Here are some examples of how the software contributes to a community’s productivity:

  • Minimize or eliminate human errors.
  • Reduce data entry and searching time.
  • Appointment booking in a couple of clicks.

Enhance community engagement

To gain customer loyalty, communicate the value customers will get from membership. The more value customers get, the more willing they are to become a part of your community.  You will benefit from a whole spectrum of automated membership capabilities through the membership management platform, from private groups to online portals open for users discussions. Built-in features, integrated third-party systems and SaaS tools will help you with this.

Keep member’s data secure

Online communities use customers’ data for their operations. So, businesses must keep this data safe. With membership management platforms, this becomes easy. The platform provides advanced security features, like authentication, encryption, security protocols and safe cloud storage.

Increase your revenue streams

It’s time to sell directly to your customers. The online community puts your brand in focus and allows you to earn more. You can add online shopping features, giving you an additional source of revenue. You can also add paid subscription tiers for extra benefits. To simplify this process, you need membership management software.

Payment handling will become easy

Digital membership management platforms have built-in features to manage the communities payment process. Manage membership fees online, keep records of financial operations and allocate budgets accordingly through the subscription management platform.

What will Ternary Development Do For You?

We will help you monetize your Discord community in three easy steps – integrate, configure and monetize. First, configure Discord roles directly on your products for granular permission assignments. Some advantages of using Ternary Development for managing your online community include:

Daily payouts: directly deposit money in to your account. Monetize and reinvest faster.

No hidden fees: save 58% on fees and reinvest that back into your community.

Ongoing support: we will handle all issues with direct phone support and the help of a dedicated account specialist.