Managing Discord Servers will Become Easy with Ternary Development Automation

What started as a chat app for gamers has grown beyond that. Yes, we are talking about Discord, the professional community-based platform popular among communities of all shapes and sizes. The chat-based platform relies on millions of passionate users to boost growth after increasing revenue three-fold in 2020-2021. This was all about Discord; but what about the users and businesses that are rely on Discord for increasing revenue? Is it easy for them to manage subscriptions on Discord and start operations right away? Or do you need a cloud-based membership management platform to set up your Discord Server and manage subscriptions?

Discord doesn’t provide the necessary tools for communities and businesses to grow like any other community-based platform. This is where Ternary Development, with its futuristic SaaS-based membership management platform, comes into the spotlight.

We have the right CRM tools to give members freedom from outdated, clunky bots. People think managing Discord using bots is the right thing. But, trust us, they don’t provide real solutions to the problem community managers and entrepreneurs face.

Why do you need Ternary Development to manage your Discord community?

Looking for a way to run your Discord server smoothly and integrate it with other apps, like the Stripe payment gateway? Want a no-code automation tool that will simplify the process of managing, selling members and authenticating users? Ternary Development has answered your prayers.

Our CRM subscription membership management platform will help you grow your community and build a business. Our end-to-end business services will help you improve your community members’ experience, make money on Discord and scale your business.

We have the right tools to build your online Discord community, transforming your dream of building a million-dollar business using Discord in to a reality.

With our cloud-based platform, we will take care of your Discord membership from start to end. With just a few clicks, you can monetize your Discord server with Ternary Development.

How Ternary Development helps in automating workflows in the Discord server?

Need an automated tool to engage with your Discord followers, moderate a community or work with teammates? We will do the job for you! Keep reading to find out how we automate Discord workflows, helping you manage and grow your server.

Assigning roles will become easy

In Discord, roles are properly defined. Unlike the traditional community role structure, admins manage the server, moderators manage the conversations and members can only post. But now, many admins and moderators use automated tools to allow members to self-select roles. For instance, if you use Discord for work, set roles for different teams, like marketing and sales. Ternary will make it easy for you to handle the role setting and automatically assign member roles.

Find out when a new member joins

Discord has a feature where you will be notified when a new member joins your community. But what if you have a large community and want to direct members to important places, like the announcement channel or where members can read community roles?

It’s possible through the Ternary membership management platform. As part of our membership management process, we help you manage new and existing members effectively.

Easy check in with the payment processor

Managing all Discord members manually is an uphill task. Customers require monthly checks with the payment processor along with other administrative tasks performed by admins.

Managing the active database, configuring recurring payments and getting new members is impossible without a tool. Now, with our integrated system, you can automate all these tasks and scale your Discord business.

Respond to frequently asked questions

Answering the same question members pose will take up all your time. Now you can create your own auto-responder with Ternary Development that is better than the bots your customers are not well-versed with.

We provide a web-based interface where the entire management and workflow process is automated. This automation increases customer satisfaction and gives you more time to scale your community and business.

All set to manage your Discord Server with automated tools? These workflows are just the start; you can do much more with Ternary Development.