Manage Your Discord Server Like a Pro with Expert Tips from Ternary Development

There is more to Discord than meets the eye but if you feel like it is a chaotic mess when managing the server, Ternary Development has these tips and tricks to monetize your Discord server like a pro.

If you are here, you know about Discord but need a little more clarity on automating and managing the server. Trust us; you have come to the right place.

Discord, a voice and chat platform, allows users to join conversation servers through exclusive invites and enter into discussions about niche topics. What initially started as a platform for gamers has evolved into a must-have communication platform for businesses and influencers. Discord is for businesses to create an engaged community of people interested in their products.

Like other online apps, your journey to Discord starts with a download. You need just a device to download the app, open the setup file and launch it. Wait a couple of moments for the interface to launch and you will get an overview of the latest features as well as updates about the chat platform.

Discord Features That Make It a Favorite amongst Businesses

Explore multiple options

Click on the left hand side of the Discord app to find plenty of options, like voice chat. There are five main categories – music, education, science and technology, entertainment and gaming.

Go live and start screen sharing

If we talk about Discord’s features, it’s important to mention screen sharing.  However, to share your screen, you have to join the Discord voice channel. Press the screen streaming icon in the voice status panel and a new window will appear.  Pick an individual application to share or share the entire screen.

Play music when on a call

You can use a music bot to enhance the Discord experience. Once you visit the music app, add it directly to your Discord server and decide which song you want to play.

Server discovery

The app has a dedicated section where you will find interesting servers within Discord’s interface. Press the compass icon and search for new communities by browsing different categories, or search for something specific.

How to manage your Discord server?

Using Discord is simple but managing different subscriptions and making money can be challenging. This is where the Ternary Development subscription management platform will help you out. Here we have listed our tips and tricks to help you optimize the popular chat platform to the full.

Organize Discord servers

Once you set up your Discord site, split the server channels, like a text channel or a voice channel.  Also, group channels in the same category together to better coordinate your server. By arranging your Discord channels, conversations over the chat platform become easy and smooth.  Through Discord, channels diversify your server and recruit experts who will manage these channels, like Ternary Development.

Know everything about Discord’s server shortcuts

Make your life simple by knowing the correct keyboard keys. In Discord, you will find an official guide for Windows and MacOS which covers everything from flipping channels to mute options. Some shortcuts we love include Shift+Esc to mark all read on the current server as well as Ctrl+E or Cmd+E  for opening GIFs and emojis.

Set up roles or positions in your server

Discord allows admins to grant special permission to members by assigning roles. Through roles, you get freedom to give access to any person. You can also use positions to assign ranks and colors to your members. If you find it difficult to assign roles, our cloud-based membership management platform will help you out.

Get Discord Nitro membership

Discord Nitro has some cool features for its members, like setting up a custom Discord tag, getting the maximum file upload size, uploading GIFs and support for global emojis. Note: Discord Nitro is a paid version and costs $50/year or $5/month.

Manage your Discord interface

Yes, the Discord interface is busy but you can manage it by clicking on user settings. Now, switch to the compact model to remove the extra space and opt for an old-school IRC look. Click on the text and Images panel to further remove any on-screen distractions. You can also disable link previews as well as turn off animated GIFs and emoji reactions.

Automate all admin work with Ternary Development

Creating a successful Discord server can be a tough nut to crack. To carry out the above steps, you will need our CRM subscription membership management platform.  Use the Ternary platform to automate all the admin tasks and enjoy high returns.