Is it the Right Time for Businesses to Move to Discord? What Benefits Does It Offer?

Discord was initially developed as a modern approach to online communication and pitted against two deep-seated apps: Skype and TeamSpeak. Fast forward to 2021 and Discord has become a go-to real-time chat platform where gamers, influencers and businesses can engage. What happened in these years to make the Discord community the next generation of social engagement? Why do businesses use the Discord community to build their brand? How to manage your subscription in Discord?  We will answer all these questions in this article.

How does Discord work? Is it suitable for your business?

Before jumping on to the bandwagon, understand what Discord is and whether it’s the right platform for your business.

The communication platform is responsible for the growth of art and music companies as well as businesses in general.  With the click of a button, users can join different servers through invites and interact with community members on dedicated channels. So, how does this work for your company? Managers can use the platform to chat with their employees within the channel, while the production and sales departments will have separate channels. In this way, Discord simplifies communication within the organization.

Statistics that show the popularity of Discord for businesses:

  • In 2020, Discord generated $130 million in revenue (Source: WSJ).
  • Discord revenue comes from its Nitro membership, a premium enhancement bundle.
  • At present, Discord has over 140 million active monthly users and 300 million registered accounts.
  • In 2021, Discord’s valuation was $7 billion.

Why do businesses monetize the Discord Server to build brand value?

More and more businesses are shifting to Discord and some even prefer it over the big platforms, like Slack.  What are the key benefits responsible for the shift to a professional community-based communication platform?

Enhanced control over members

To join the Discord server, employees need a custom invite link, which why trolls and spammers can’t enter your community. If someone breaks the community rules, the server administrator will delete the message and ban members. In the first half of 2020, Discord banned over 4 million accounts from spamming. This way, the platform remains secure and ideal for businesses.

Increased server limit

The primary benefit of using Discord is the server doesn’t limit your work, unlike Slack.  The Discord server can host up to 25,000 online members and up to 250,000 signed-up members in total. Also, anyone can create up to 500 separate channels per server.

Discord is an algorithm-free feed

As Discord is a chat messenger, it is free from any algorithms. If you don’t know coding or algorithms, Discord is the ideal platform for you. Whether you want to issue updates, launch a product or send an event invite, you can use the dedicated channel.

Easy to set up

The easy sign-up, as well as text and audio features, are responsible for the popularity of the platform. To get started, you need to create a new server, send invites and start hassle-free communication.

Manage your Discord server with the Ternary Management Platform

By now, you might have decided to use Discord to grow your business but how do you get started? This is where Ternary Development, through its Discord membership platform, will help you.  The platform is a must-have for incoming and existing Discord communities who want to scale their business easily and professionally. Discord uses bots to manage the community but the drawback is that bots are not personal and not everyone is well-versed in their use. To solve this problem, Ternary offers ideal CRM tools to manage Discord membership.

What will we do for your business?

  • We provide you with a web-based interface to manage subscriptions.
  • Offer cloud-based SaaS CRM tools.
  • We help businesses change the way they use Discord.