How To Make Money Using Discord

How to monetize your Discord Server.

The ease of use and compatibility for every type of user makes it a no-brainer for influencers to make the move and monetize their fan base. How do they make money if Discord does not pay for views or number of members you ask? Well there are amazing platforms out there that make it easy for these influencers to integrate into their Discord servers and accept payment via PayPal and other transaction services.

Ternary is a cloud based platform that takes care of member subscriptions from beginning to end, meaning that with just a few clicks you start monetizing your Discord server.

Who should use Discord?

So who would Discord work best for? Discord is best suited for influencers with a large fanbase that are willing to pay for their content. That content can range from educational products, shopping scalp bots, adult models (18+) and even plain old pay to chat.

The 18+ space remains unscathed; truly a great opportunity for those looking to monetize their fanbase. Unlike other services, Discord offers adult models an infinite amount of space to section off subcategories and price them differently. A hierarchy of memberships you may say. Say you have three different tiers of memberships: images only, live videos and images, and finally all of the above in addition to having permission to chat with the model. The model could easily create these three tiers within the server by creating three subcategories and by using the Ternary platform to create roles for members which will automatically be assigned to them as they purchase their subscription.

The biggest plus to having a Discord for fanbase services is the ability to have moderators to make sure the chat remains on topic and within restrictions. The amount of control an admin has on Discord is unlimited in order to ensure the comfort of both admin and subscribers.

Why, in reality, Discord is a “platform for all”.

Discord is the perfect platform for everyone and anyone who simply wants to start a community; no matter if you plan on adding value down the line. Did you recently start fishing and are looking to collaborate and learn from more experienced fishermen/women? Start a Discord server and invite all your friends and watch it grow to a full blown community which can at some point have meet ups. Are you a smart shopper that is always looking for the best deals? Start a Discord in which members share the most amazing deals they find; could eventually turn into a Discord in which you flip for profit.

The possibilities are endless for Discord servers; some grow so fast that they hit a dead end and at which point they take the route of monetizing their product in order to add value. They add value by adding high-tech features which can easily be implemented to their server by utilizing the Discord Bots. For instance, the fishing server can add a channel which updates everyday with fishing reports, hottest spots, weather, new deals on fishing reels, and etc. Everything a new fisher needs, within one community.