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December 29, 2022
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Bots Don’t Build Communities. You Need SaaS CRM Tools To Manage Your Members in Discord

Bots Don’t Build Communities. You Need SaaS CRM Tools To Manage Your Members in Discord

Bots Don’t Build Communities. You Need SaaS CRM Tools To Manage Your Members in Discord

3 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Clunky Bots and Use Ternary to Manage Your Memberships

Creators and companies are building thriving communities and big businesses on platforms like Discord, but outdated bots are preventing them from reaching their full potential. These bot-based point solutions are being used to onboard members and process payments, but it’s making it impossible for these communities to scale.  

That’s why we built Ternary, the first ever SaaS CRM suite of tools to change the way communities and businesses use Discord to grow. We’re a team of enterprise software developers that developed a suite of business applications to improve community management.

Here are 3 reasons why switching to Ternary will change the way you use community-based platforms. We hope you’ll consider booking a demo with our customer success team!

    Using Bots To Manage Your Discord Subscriptions Will Prevent You From Scaling Your Community Or Business

At Ternary, we believe that creators and communities represent the future of social interaction and business growth. The problem is that community-based platforms like Discord don’t provide the tools for these communities and businesses to grow. Outdated and clunky bots have filled the void in the short-term, but these won’t be the real solution to the problems facing community managers and entrepreneurs.

Your community members and subscribers are almost always not well-versed in bot  interactions. This results in a poor customer experience for them that quickly becomes your problem as the community owner. Ternary solves this problem by allowing your subscribers to completely manage their membership through a web-based interface, similar to how they manage their Amazon or Netflix subscriptions. Not only does this increase customer satisfaction, it reduces the time you spend on membership management and frees you up to spend more time scaling your community and business.

    Traditional Businesses Use Cloud-Based SaaS CRM To Manage Customers. You Deserve The Same Tools to Manage  Discord Subscriptions

Whether building your community is a full-time job or part-time passion, Ternary offers you the CRM and e-commerce tools to integrate your systems with your Discord server. Ternary’s founder, Jason Lee, built his own $1.5mm ARR community in Discord in a matter of months. When doing so, he realized that community managers were using outdated tools like bots to onboard members, Excel to track memberships, and Venmo to accept payments. He knew this was no way to scale.

Our team has worked at large enterprises like Salesforce, Microsoft, and JP Morgan. We know that big businesses use SaaS CRM tools to manage their customers, so we’re building the same suite of tools for communities. Larger CRM platforms aren’t nimble enough to satisfy the needs of community managers, but we are! We’re quickly turning around feature requests and building new tools to help our customers grow their communities and businesses.

    Ternary Is Already Changing the Way that Community Managers and Entrepreneurs Use Discord to Grow

Discord is a revolutionary platform that is showing how entrepreneurs and enthusiasts can leverage the power of community. Ternary provides the tools to make the most of this opportunity. We have already simplified the process for managing members, selling memberships, collecting payments, and authenticating users.

We’re just getting started, though. Ternary has built a CRM subscription membership management platform and e-commerce platform, but we know that there are more tools that you’ll need when growing your community and building a business. Our end-to-end business services will help you to improve the experience of your community members, make money on Discord, and scale your business. We’re already working on more CRM tools and platforms that will deliver more value to you as you grow your community.

You have big plans for your community. We have big plans for our company.

We built these tools because we needed them when we were building our own communities. Now we want to share them with you! Book a demo with our team today!

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